Cheap Easter Goodies Under $5 at Walmart

So many cute things! 

1. Flipazoo– a reversible plush that turns inside out to create two different animals. 

I learned what they were from a little girl that started screaming when she saw them. She was happy to explain how they worked. These Flipazoo are usually in the $20 range and they were at Walmart for $5!

2.  Easter D.I.Y. Eggs. These Easter Eggs are awesome! No more boiling real eggs 😁. The eggs are plastic and 100% recyclable. It comes with 4 liquid dye packets, and 4 egg-dyeing bags. $1.98

3. Disney Activity Packet. My Walmart had Spiderman, Marvel Super Heroes, Frozen, and Finding Nemo. Came with crayons and 25 Ft. of activities. $4.98 

4. 18 Egg Set with Bunny Container for $4.98. 

5. More eggs! This packet comes with 10 eggs with 5 different animals. I liked them, because thought they were different than the traditional eggs. $1.98 

6. Disney Princess Charm Bracelet. Finding Dory and Frozen were also available. $2.98 

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