Beauty and the Beast Weekend: Cat gets a Belle costume

 Why should I leave out the pets in our Beauty in the Beast Weekend? They’re part of the family too. 

I have two cats: Samantha (a Mainecoon) and Nikki (a black short hair). Nikki is the model in the top photo.

 Unlike dogs, cats are harder to work with. They don’t exactly cooperate. I started by buying a dog costume pattern. I had to make some modifications to it, since it came with a chest piece and I didn’t want that part in my design. I got some cheap fabric from Walmart. It was $1.99 a yard. All I needed was half a yard of each. 

Once my pieces were cut-out, it was on to sewing them together. I enjoy sewing and quilting. I always try to push my limits. I try to make something new that teaches me a new skill. This was my first pet costume. 

Once the costume was done, I put up a green screen. It was just a big piece of green fabric. I taped it to the wall. 

I already had the Green Screen Do Ink app on my ipad and thought this was a great opportunity to use it. If you haven’t used this app, it’s a fun one that’s kid friendly. 

Next with the help of my son (that’s who’s holding Nikki) posed the cat in front of the green screen. I then used the Green Screen app to switch the green for the image I had picked out and voila, Belle is at the dining room of the castle. 

If you’re wondering what happened with the Beast (Sam). She chose not to get in front of the green screen. I might recycle her costume and turn her into Chewbacca next time.

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