Peeps 2017 Diorama Contest

Every year I look at the entry photos for the Peeps Diorama Contest. This is their 6th year. It’s sponsored by the Delbert Family. I’ve never entered, but I enjoy immensely seeing the creativity of the participants. 

To enter, you have to create a diorama using a show box and the characters, whether animal or people, need to be made out of peeps. This year’s theme is “Peeps on vacation”. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you take a photo and email it in. The deadline for the photos are March 31st. Here’s the website with the contest details. If you are thinking of entering, you should take a look at the past year’s entries to give you an idea. 

The winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and a box of Peeps. 

The Washington Post hosts a Peep Diorama Contest every year as well, but you have to live in that area. 

It’s a nice little family project.

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