Cheap Easter Basket Finds at Michael’s

I visited Michael’s today and it was no surprise that they have their Easter items on display. I just love seeing all the bunnies! 

If you’re looking for some additional items for the kids Easter baskets, here’s a few:

1. Easter bunny or egg puzzle $3

2. Paintable window cling $1.49

3. Wooden Easter egg $1.99

4. Ceramic Easter egg $2.99

5. Bunnies versus carrots tic-tac-toe game $4.99 

Tip: Michael’s often has online coupons. While you are at the store, do a Google search on your phone for Michael’s coupon. It will take you to their page. Put in your zip code and it will show you which couples are available for your zip code. I usually choose the coupon ahead of time before getting in line, so that I don’t hold it up. 

I used a 40% discount online coupon today.

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