4 Reasons for Getting an Interior Cabin on a Disney Cruise

#1 Cheapest category. Interior staterooms are the cheapest category on a cruise ship. Disney cruises are more expensive than other cruise lines, but it’s well worth the money. You get top quality on everything from food, entertainment, child care, and more. By spending less on the cabin, you can potentially have money left over for other things like shore excursions or souvenirs. 

#2 Size. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m claustrophobic. I do not like crowded spaces or anywhere where I feel trapped. I’ve seen some small very interior cabins on other cruise lines. A standard interior stateroom is 169 sq.ft and a deluxe interior is 204 sq.ft.

#3 Bathroom. A standard interior stateroom has a full size bathroom with a tub, shower, and sink. The deluxe interior stateroom has a split bathroom design, which I think is awesome! One bathroom has a vanity, sink, tub, and shower, while the other one has a sink and toilet. Perfect for families trying to get ready. It’s so productive to have someone showering while there’s someone else in the other bathroom brushing their teeth and using the toilet. No more fighting for privacy.

#4 Digital Porthole. The best part of the interior staterooms, in my opinion, is the digital porthole. Remember how it’s an interior cabin? That means that the room doesn’t have a view out, instead, Disney designed these portholes that have a real-time view of the outside. As you are docking or moving past another ship, you can see that from your digital porthole. Of course Disney couldn’t stop there, they had to add something magical to the experience. Randomly, the porthole shows a series of Disney characters overlaid on the outside view. They aren’t timed, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on it. I liked how the characters that appear aren’t just the most current Disney characters, but also older ones. 

You can see some of the characters on my YouTube channel.

Tip: If you are just going to rest in the room before dinner, put your bed pillow on the opposite side of the bed so you are facing the porthole. Before a character appears, you will see the screen light-up and pixie dust will run across the screen. I’m assuming that’s Tinker Bell announcing the character appearance. 

*Consider Sweet Travel Group when booking your next Disney Cruise. They are the cruise travel experts. 

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