Disney Movie Moana Now on DVD- May 7, 2017

Moana is a beautiful story of a Hawaiian girl and her struggle to fulfill her destiny. I’m always amazed at how Disney is able to take traditional cultural stories and turn them into masterpieces. 

Hei Hei (the rooster) is my favorite character. Disney gave it so much personality. It’s a really funny character even though it doesn’t actually speak. 

Pua (the pig) and Hei Hei are both Moana’s pets in the movie. 

If you’ve even been to Hawaii, you know that chickens and pigs can be seen running around in the wild. So it was very appropriate to have these two animals play roles in a Hawaiian themed movie. 


  • I got all of these at Target. I bought Hei Hei and Pua first and I don’t remember the exact price, but it was something like $6.99 each. 
  • Both movies not in HD were $17.99 each.
Had I used my red card, which gives you a 5% discount and my son’s employee discount, which would have given me an 10% discount each movie would have been $15.29. Hmm… Lesson learned.

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