Why it’s better to book shore excursions before you board the ship

Many travelers wait to book their cruise shore excursions until they are onboard the ship. You run the risk of having the tour you want sold out, it will also you cost you more to book excursions while onboard. Cruise ships make a profit from your onboard excursion bookings. It’s cheaper to book it directly before the trip or with your travel agent. 

The cruise line will tell you that outside companies are not trustworthy. There are many companies out there that are not only reliable, are trustworthy because they guarantee that you will return to your ship on time. 

Shore Trips Guarantees that in the unlikely case that you miss your ship’s departure, at no fault of your own, they will move you to next port of call at their expense. 

I really like the multi-port packages. It makes it easier for me to budget my trip expenses and it saves you money by bundling the cost. If you’re traveling with a group, let the Shore Trips know how many people and see how you can save on a group price. 

Try Shore Trips next time you need to book a sightseeing tour, activity, or shore excursion. 

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