Stanford Pow Wow. Experience Native American Culture.

Each year Stanford hosts a Powwow in May. This year it will be May 12-14, 2017. If you’ve never been to a powwow, it is similar to fair. There’s vendors, food, and entertainment. It’s a free event with donations accepted for camping and parking. 

The vendors sell handmade items and other native supplies. I’ve seen everything from fox tails to turquoise jewelry. 

 Food is your typical food truck items: corn dogs, fries, and chicken skewers. 

Entertainment typically begins with the grand opening, which includes a parade of all the participants, the flags, and signing. Then the show is divided into various dance competitions that are divided by age and sex categories. 

The traditional outfits are amazing. I’ve enjoyed sitting in the crowd and watching the participants put on their very elaborate and ornate garb. The musical accompaniment is done by at least two groups of native singers who also beat drums to the tune of the music. They often take turns singing in order to rest after each song. 

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