Got Tired of People Abusing My Time and Talents

After several months of getting travel inquiries from people who were interested in cruising. Spending time researching, putting together an itinerary, double-checking the details and making sure there weren’t any additional discounts, freebies, many times going back and forth on revisions, etc. 

I was disappointed time and time again when my prospective client would take all my hard work and either decide that they really weren’t serious about traveling or that they would purchase it elsewhere. 

I’ve used Fiverr in the past to purchase services and I have always found that it was an affordable way to get expert advice for cheap.

 I went ahead and created a Fiverr Gig

My cruise planning prices start at $5 and go up depending on how much more you want to add to the itinerary. If you choose to book your travel with me, I refund you the $5, if you don’t, then at least I made $5 for the hours I spent developing your trip. 

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