Alcohol Policy on Disney Cruise Line

Here’s something you will not see published on the Disney Cruise Line website or anywhere else. DCL does allow you to bring onboard up to 2 bottles of wine or 6 beers, but it has to be in your carry-on, not your checked luggage. All the alcohol in your checked luggage gets stored by the cruise ship and given to you at the end.

The policy is a little unclear because it says that this alcohol allowance is for “the beginning of the voyage in carry-on luggage at each port of call.” This makes it seem that you can bring on more alcohol at each of the ports of call as long as it’s in your carry-on, but after discussing this with the security guards, they said that you are only allowed the two bottles of wine or 6 of beer in a carry-on at embarkation. 

Good to know if you drink, are willing to carry the bottles, and want to save some money onboard.

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