New Gadget for Getting Service at a Restaurant

Stopped at an airport in North Carolina the other day and decided to get something to eat before my next flight. I found this interesting gadget on the table. 

There was no one around to take my order. I read the brief instructions and pressed the Food & Service button. A few seconds later a server appeared to offer us menus. The rest of the service went as expected. The server disappeared towards the back when I was ready to pay my bill, so I pressed the Ready to Pay button. The server appeared and brought me my check. 

I asked her how this system actually worked. She said that all the servers have a watch-looking pager that tells them that they are needed in the front. I asked if she had encountered any problems with this device and she said the only time it acts up is when multiple tables press a button simultaneously. She also said that there was a delay between pressing and them receiving the information. It looks like this system is not totally perfect, but it is helpful.

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