Antique Suitcase Tells a Story

I recently bought an antique suitcase on eBay. I will have a booth at an upcoming Bridal Show in Santa Clara on January 7 & 8 and wanted the suitcase for a display piece. I was told it was from the 1950’s. 

The side of the suitcase had two stickers on it. It looks like the one on the bottom says Deck B and the one on the top is from Norwegian America Line. Back in this time period people would save their travel stickers on their suitcases. It was a sense of pride being able to show all the places the luggage had traveled. 

According to Wikipedia, Norwegian America Line was a cruise line that operated from 1910-1971. This cruise line traveled primarily from Norway to the United States and it was both a cargo and passenger ship. 

There were some contents in the inside. A small bar of soap with the brand Lifebuoy. My 71 year old mother recognized this brand of soap. She said it was my grandfather’s favorite brand. I had never heard of it. 

There was a small pack of matches. The have Rivera Club, Indiana written on them. I’m assuming that was a nightclub or casino. 

There was a small 5 cent stamp from Argentina that was post marked. It looks like it might have fallen off of a letter or postcard.

A small notebook Indian boy holding a Santa Fe sign was most curious. I believe Santa Fe was a railroad company. The little notebook was blank. I guess it was a handout for the passengers. 

Finally, there were two hair pins. I guess this indicates that the original owner was probably a woman. 

All this made me think. What would my suitcase say about me and my travels to someone who opened it 50 years from now. 

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