Unusual places to stay, the Victorian Mansion B&B

The Victorian Mansion is a very different bed & breakfast. Each room is themed differently. It’s a great place to get away from it all for the weekend. Rooms include: the 50’s, Gypsy, Roman, Egyptian, Pirate and French. Each themed room is unique and gives you the feeling that you immersed in that experience. Each room has a hot tub and bathroom, a themed game and movie. If you are looking for somewhere unusual to stay, not your typical hotel room, this is it!

We’ve stayed in the 50’s room where the bed is an actual 1956 Cadillac with drive-in speakers. Watching movies from bed is a whole different experience in that room! We most recently stayed in the Gypsy room. Loved sleeping in the Gypsy carriage. The wall paintings in all these rooms are superb. The paintings wrap around the room and follow the theme into the bathroom. It helps create this feeling that you are truly there.

The owner, Rod is a very nice person. He has worked hard to preserve this beautiful place and continues to think of ideas on which to add. There is currently a broken down boat in the parking lot that is going to be turned into a suite and next to it there will be an ADA room in the form of tree house and adjoining hobbit house. Can’t wait to see how those turn out!

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