Getting Ready for the Disney Dream 12/30/16 Cruise

We’re heading off on the Disney Dream on 12/30/16. We planned and purchased our pirate outfits for Pirate Night. Turns out that Pirate Night will be on New Years Eve. So, I’m assuming will need to forgo our traditional Happy New Year’s hat and glow in the dark beads for our pirate costumes.

It’s my first Disney Cruise. It’s important to us to experience different cruise ships and cruise lines in order to give our guests an accurate representation of what they will experience on their trips. We don’t just read about it in the catalogs, we experience it ourselves.

We normally choose a balcony stateroom, however, on this trip I decided to get an inside stateroom. If you’re wondering, I am claustrophobic, which is one of the reasons I prefer a balcony stateroom. Disney ships have something called a Magical Porthole in their interior staterooms. It looks like a regular porthole, but as you can imagine, it’s much more. The porthole is connected to one of 4 live camera feeds. In addition to seeing a televised version of what is happening outside, Disney has added characters to show up on the window. As I understand it, the characters are sequenced differently for each stateroom, so even if you saw Ariel in your room, the stateroom directly next door might have seen Nemo instead. Disney is always full of surprises and wonder.

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