Special Needs Travel

Traveling when you have a special need can be quite the challenge. While the U.S. has come a long way in providing accessibility to all travelers through the ADA, not all countries have followed. Traveling to a foreign country can be difficult. Vendors often claim that their tours or trips are handicap accessible and they’re not. It adds to the frustration of the passenger.

Today as I was sitting in the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I witnessed 14 people in wheelchairs being rolled out of a flight. As I approached them and starting chatting, many of them had similar things “I would travel more if it were easier for me”.

I am a certified Special Needs Travel Agent. That means that I have additional training and I know how to plan and provide clients with special needs the resources and help they need in order to travel like anyone else. I’m a teacher as well, so I pride myself with treating my clients with the same love and compassion as I would one of my students. I also respect your privacy. I don’t need to know your medical condition, I just need to know what help you need in order to make your travel experience easier.

Not all disabilities are the same, why treat them the same? Some people just need a scooter rental for the days they are on a cruise ship, because it is hard for them to walk or stand for long periods of times. Others, need a specific medical equipment with them at all times. Whatever the need might be, I have travel partners that I work with that can help.

Contact me at sweettravelgroup@gmail.com, (800) 214-8162 and/or visit my website at http://sweettravelgroup.com

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