Why Get Travel Insurance

Whether or not a person chooses to get travel insurance is up to them, however, I always strongly recommend getting it. There are so many things that can go wrong, that are out of your control, that if you have travel insurance it will at least help give you some piece of mind.

I was once on a cruise and a group had someone pass away. They said he was perfectly fine and then didn’t get up the next day. Not something they would have known ahead of time. Good thing they had travel insurance and were able to get off at port and fly back home to deal with the funeral arrangements.

I had a cousin who planned and saved up for her cruise a year ahead. She chose not to get travel insurance. Well, mother nature decided to step in. A hurricane passed through the city that she lives, but not the port where the cruise was going to leave from. What happened? The cruise did not give her any of her money back, because the ship was able to sail as scheduled. They said they weren’t at fault for her not being able to meet the ship.

I can’t tell you how many insurance claims I saw when I worked in medical insurance for cruise passengers over seas. You would assume that your home insurance would cover things like being air lifted from the cruise, a medical emergency procedure, but they’re not. Most insurances do not cover out of the country claims. It doesn’t matter how critical the accident or medical condition was.

When you purchase your cruise you are typically offered insurance. If you are workings with a travel agent, ask them to give you an additional quote with their insurance of choice. Compare the coverage of both and choose the best option for you and your family. Don’t assume that pre-existing conditions are covered, if you have one of these conditions make sure to ask ahead of time if it will be covered.

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