Preparing for Disney Cruise: Door Magnets

I’m very excited about my upcoming trip on the Disney Dream. I will be on the ship for New Years 2017. New Years is a very special day us. It’s my first Disney Cruise and I’m looking forward to every aspect of it.

 In planning for the upcoming trip, I learned that many families have custom door magnets made for their cruise cabin door. They are in the shape of Mickey or Minnie and will often have the name of each of the family members. You’ve probably seen something similar on the back of cars where each family member has a bumper sticker. Same concept, but for the cabin door. Cruise doors are made out of metal, which makes them magnetic. 

I don’t know where this trend started, but it was probably in an effort to decorate the otherwise bland door and personalize it at the same time. Since these are magnets, at the end of the trip, you can simply remove them, pack them, and use them again on the next trip. 

Link to the Etsy store where I had my custom magnets made

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