Preparing for Disney Cruise: Hidden Mickey’s

What’s a Hidden Mickey?
Well, it’s just that a Mickey shaped head that is hidden somewhere. It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo.

If you’re a Disney fan, you probably already know that there are Hidden Mickey’s at both Disney World and Disneyland, but did you know that Disney Cruise Ships have them too?! The Disney Bahamian Island Castaway Cay also has Hidden Mickey’s.

I bought my Hidden Mickey’s on Amazon. It has a chapter on each of the specific Disney Ships: Dream, Magic, Fantasy, and Wonder, as well as a chapter for Castaway Cay.

The book has hints on where to find the Hidden Mickey’s. You can play by yourself, with your family, or just have the kids do it.

There is a different point assignment to each Hidden Mickey. That’s because some are harder to find than others. You can keep track of the points in the book and at the end of the chapter you can tally your points. The book gives you a point system to see how well you did: bronze, silver, gold or a perfect score.

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