Unexpected Sights While Traveling

As we drove around the Big Island, Hawaii, Jim stopped to take some photos of the surroundings. Hawaii is amazingly picturesque. Everywhere you look, you find something beautiful and awe inspiring. 
A local passed by and stopped to chat with Jim. This is Hawaii, people are very warm and friendly. This man was riding his bike, which as you can imagine is not a big deal, except he had a chicken sitting on the hand rails. The chicken wasn’t tied and seemed to be enjoying traveling with his friend. I had to get a closer look. There couldn’t possibly be a real chicken riding on a bicycle. Sure enough! The local’s cell phone rang in his pocket. He excused himself and stepped off to the answer the phone. I watched the chicken closely. I was sure it would hop or fly off. Nope! It stayed put. Amazing the the things you see when traveling!

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