Cuba: The Newest Travel Destination

Cuba is this untouched gem in the Caribbean. The embargo that was in place for several decades with the U.S. did not allow tourism or commerce with the island. Luckily, that ended this year in 2016. It’s an opportunity to spend time a beautiful tropical island that has not been influenced by technology and 21st century living.

If you’re an experienced cruise taker than there are probably few destinations you haven’t been to. Cuba adds a new level of excitement and newness.

Maybe your a parent wanting your child to see the world and expand their culture and horizon.

Things to see and do:

  • The beach- located in a prime location in the Caribbean, Cuba counts with beautiful beaches. These beaches have warm water and powder-like sand. 
  • See cigar rolling and buy some of them. These cigars use to be illegal to bring back to the U.S. They’re known world-wide for their quality. If you are a smoker or have someone at home that is, this is the ideal souvenir to bring back. 
  • Car lover? You’ll enjoy seeing all the antique cars that are still in use on the island. 
  • Food lover? Try a sandwich Cubano. It’s a hearty sandwich with roasted pork, ham, and cheese. How about some Ropa Vieja? Translates to old clothes, but doesn’t taste like it. This dish has shredded beef in a tomato sauce with rice and black beans.

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