The Haven Experience on the Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line has something called the Haven Experience. My husband and I recently traveled on the Norwegian Epic to the Mediterranean in July 2016. We were given a good offer to upgrade my stateroom from a balcony room to a Junior Suite for an additional fee. We read the offer and for the last minute fee it seemed worth it. Well, we loved every minute of it! Booking a Haven stateroom gives you so much more:
  • First, we were escorted on board the ship because we were Haven guests. From that moment I realized that this would be a V.I.P. experience all the way. 
  • We were given a short tour of our amenities. Turns out that Haven guests have access to a private pool, sun deck, and private elevator that exits to the common pool. 
  • Haven guests can dine at any of the restaurants, but also have access to a Haven only restaurant. The head waiter personally greeted us on the first day. He told us that if there wasn’t anything we wanted to eat, even if it wasn’t on the menu, to let him know. He would personally do everything possible to make it happen. After a few days at sea, we spoke to the head manager. My husband wanted a steak that wasn’t on the menu. He made it happen! He made us feel like anything we needed, he was there to serve us. 
  • You get a personal butler that’s available to you 24/7. At first I thought, “what do I need a butler for?”, but he came in handy. I never bothered him after hours, but he brought us breakfast to our room a couple of times on days that we needed to be on shore pretty early to catch our excursions. It saves us a ton of time from having to go to the buffet, find a table, and have our meal. We could eat in the comfort of our room while we were finishing getting ready. 
  • Every afternoon our butler would bring us a gourmet snack. Many times I was too full and could bare eating it, but I appreciated his daily efforts. He told me that he wanted to make sure I had a snack to eat before dinner and that anything I need, he was there. He even gave us his personal stateroom extension in case we needed him after his shift was over. 
  • When it comes to pillows, I’m pretty picky. Our Haven suite had a pillow menu! There were several options of pillows you could order. Why doesn’t every cruise do this??
  • The Haven experience was amazing! I had visited the spa and unfortunately I wasn’t happy with my experience. I told the Haven Concierge and they immediately called the spa on my behalf. They immediately were able to resolve the situation for me. I was very pleased. 

I love seeing towel animals in my room! This isn’t specific to the Haven. Every cruise I’ve ever taken does this at least once during your trip. It’s one of those small details that gives me a lot of joy. Something simple, unexpected, and yet makes me feel valued. 

View from my balcony stateroom.

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